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What we do?


We have successfully established a foot-hole in the Nigerian mining sector, which accounts for more than 60% of our company’s growth through mineral trading. We currently have operating licenses in a number of mining sites across the country notable copper mines.

Our copper site in Akiri currently produces 50Mt tonnes/day of copper ore with percentage ranging from 15%-20%. A preliminary survey has been done and shows large potential deposit of the ore.

We are now in talks with China’s leading mining company Zijin Mining Group on how to enhance our supply ability in a professional way. Our focus minerals are copper ore, lead/zinc ore, tantalum/scheelite, manganese and gold/silver.

Oil and Gas

This sector in Nigeria is saturated with big international players with most of them concentrated in the upstream. We have made it our goal to penetrate the market starting from the downstream sector to the neglected mid-stream. Another opportunity we saw in the upstream sector is the negligence in the utilization of our abundant gas reserves.

We are currently in talks with the investors from China and UAE for possible cooperation in the Gas (LNG) subsector and we are hopeful that it would yield the desired results. Our subsidiary in China is currently producing an advance oil recovery solvent that is presently used by CNPC’s oil well in Xinjiang region of China.

Supply Chain Management

This is an important aspect of our business activity because almost all the products we produce ends up in the hands of consumers. We currently have an export license and have conducted several exports to various countries around the world notably China, Turkey and Germany. The commodities range from Processed wood, Mineral ores, Agricultural products to finished household products and imported accessories. We manufacture bulk of the products while some are sourced from the local and international market.

Our vision as a company that has a wide range of experience in Supply Chain Management is to create a free market space where even subsistent farmers or artisanal miners will be able to market and sell their products at a fair price. This we believe we will go a long way in eradicating poverty in various regions of Africa. One of our major problems, which are hindering this achievement, is the lack of infrastructure connecting the major trading hubs to rural areas where these commodities are available in abundance. That’s why even as a private entity, we have always advocated for strong private sector involvement in creating roads leading to villages that have abundant mineral and agricultural resources. This kind of investment is mere a token that companies can pay and still enjoy handsome profit.

Dhow Industries Limited

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